Fun Trivia

  • Car Date was filmed for only $6,000.
  • Car Date was fully funded by Director/Producer Lacy Burke.
  • While filming Car Date, Director/Producer Lacy Burke worked, and still works, as a door-to-door home security salesman in the San Fernando Valley. He finds most of his leads by tracking reported home burglaries on the LAPD’s website. It took Lacy 13 alarm sales to fund Car Date.
  • Faced with the difficulty of finding two non-actors who would be comfortable going on a filmed date, Director/Producer Lacy Burke first attempted to hire professional models for Car Date. However, after numerous modeling agencies turned him down, he finally settled on hiring 2 adult film stars: Charlie Laine and Victoria White.
  • Victoria White loves playing robot unicorn attack on her iPhone.
  • Victoria White smoked vanilla flavored cigarettes in the movie Car Date.
  • Charlie Laine likes to drink “Dark and Stormy’s” at the bar.  (Hint hint…)
  • Charlie Laine roots for the Green Bay Packers every season.
  • Shy Love manages both Victoria White and Charlie Laine through
  • I met Co-Director Jonathan C. Rosales after car date was shot. Jonathan came up with the idea of the on screen text.
  • Mike Stanislawski shot this movie with one camera (Panasonic HVX 200).
  • Jeannie (the driver) drove ambulances for 15 years
  • Music for Car Date was composed by  (Jesse Josefsson).
  • Car Date was originally called “Car Date 3D” because movies with “3D” in the title make more money.

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